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Seen on Screen x Little Mix

When one of London’s leading dance companies invites you to join them for an International Womens Day special dance class, alongside a promise of wind AND smoke machines, and even goody bags to finish with- what can a girl say no to?!

Ok, so I say the above with a pinch of salt because actually, whilst I like to think I’m the kind of girl who would love to get sassy infront of a wind machine, in reality, I’m SO not that kind of person. (Well, not when sober anyway). I mean, I WISH I had that confidence but, after being described by my own family as a ‘hippopotamus in a tutu’ during my junior ballet days, needless to say I’ve never quite felt like a headline dance act (bar after a few vodkas/tequila shots).

Nonetheless, with founder and CEO of SOS (Seen on Screen), Bonnie Parsons, having founded her business on the basis that dance should be available to everyone, SOS welcomes all abilities, delivering a space that is anything but exclusive. After working with the likes of Florence &…

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