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Lilly Sabri and Vogue Williams Launch New Superfood Supplement- CurraNZ

What they say:

Made from the 'King of Superfoods' - a breakthrough blackcurrant extract boasting a unique combination of noticeable benefits for health and fitness. A natural, evidence-based, nutritious food extract that promotes health, sports performance and recovery, with the added benefit of accelerating fat burning during exercise. CurraNZ invites you to A Very Purple Evening, presented by ambassador Vogue Williams. Find out more about the next big superfood, fitness fashions and wellness trends to put into practice in 2018.
What I say:

OK, so when I hear the word 'superfood', I immediately become skeptical. Especially when when combined with the phrases 'fitness fashions' and 'accelerating fat burning', alarm bells immediately start ringing my end. A firm believer that sustainable, long term health and/or weightloss comes from an overall healthy lifestyle, not some sort of 'magic' tablet or food sort, I was eager to hear what CurraNZ had to sa…

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